Interview: THE SHIVERZ Talk Wyoming Punk And The Point Of It All

THE SHIVERZ sip on Oil City Beer Company's new beer, The Hef'n ShiverZ, named after the brewery's favorite 
hometown band. Left to right: Jeff Nock - drums; Travis Oliver - vox/guitar; Eben Elston - bass/vox; Cole 
Moser - vox/guitar. 

While doing research on local haunted cabins in the woods, I cross referenced the Necrocomicon and came across an obscure footnote about a horror punk band called, THE SHIVERZ, tucked away in Casper, Wyoming.

Yes, Wyoming.

It is real and it is punk. Sure, there are more deer than people here. And, yes, conservative cowboys dominate. But the rejects and the weirdos have been carving out a slice for themselves, creating a burgeoning alt-music scene to crush the smallness.

THE SHIVERZ is comprised of Travis Oliver (vox/guitar), Cole Moser (vox/guitar), Eben Elston (bass/vox), and Jeff Nock (drums). The band has become a common name across the state’s punk scene and is gaining traction in the greater Mountain West. The band just finished up a tour with The Shocktroopers, Suzi Moon, and local legends, Teenage Bottlerocket. Between gigs, the band attends to their day jobs, driving bulldozers and slinging beers. By night, the band can be found rehearsing in The Upside Down, also known as guitarist Cole Moser’s basement.

THE SHIVERZ on tour with Teenage Bottlerocket at The Oil City Beer Company, April 2, 2022.

While many bands flee Wyoming as soon as their youngest member finishes probation, THE SHIVERZ have made it a point to stay in Casper, and make the music scene one they’re proud to be a part of. Sure – the band sometimes finds itself playing some odd venues (like a ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ junkyard); but, it also finds itself surrounded by 300 kids who have driven two hours in from the surrounding counties to be apart of the counter culture.

Punk bands in Wyoming have to work harder and physically band together across mountain ranges to make shows happen. Shitty roads and blizzards prevent regular shows in the winter; however, with nothing to do except practice and watch Svengoolie movies between rehearsals, THE SHIVERZ have capitalized on the weather to perfect fast licks filled with sublime B-Horror movie references.

More recording for the band is on the horizon.  For a rural band, lack of access to quality recording can be what ultimately pushes a band to move to a city; however, Wyoming is seeing a surge of talent return home to supply the scene with the needed tech to ensure bands like THE SHIVERZ can reach listeners from where they are.

Wyoming and its weirdos need bands to keep their home bases close. Whether small towns realize it or not, punk shows provide a service to rural communities. They provide an inclusive space where everyone is welcome in a place that expects homogeny. This is success. Frontman Travis Oliver, “It was never about being signed. It’s always been about having fun.”

Artwork by Cole Moser for The Oil City Beer Company’s release of the Hef’n ShiverZ.

Local brewery and venue, The Oil City Beer Company, recently anointed the hometown heroes with their own beer, the Hef’N ShiverZ. You can drink a sip and catch a show this June, when THE SHIVERZ return with Bozeman band, Goners UK, to christen the next generation of Wyoming horror punk headbangers.

Check out more from THE SHIVERZ on Facebook, Instagram, and their official site.


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