Interview w/ Nathan Zorn of Fall City Fall by Alexis Storm

Get to know Victory’s latest hardcore signing, Fall City Fall…
An interview with vocalist Nathan Zorn
By Alexis Strom

You recorded your debut release with Victory, Victus, relatively fast! How long did it take to record the album?
We tracked it in 15 days… a very fast, intense, emotionally/physically draining 15 days, but that’s how we like to operate.

It sounds like you’re seriously calling some people out in your new song, “Lovebirds.” Tell me a little about what the lyrics mean?
“Lovebirds” is about a guy I know who is just a huge piece of shit and used his “faith” to justify doing some really shitty things to his friends, and still hasn’t changed to this day. He knows who he is.

With biting lyrics and a very hard sound, I’ve heard you compared to Every Time I Die. Do you feel there is any truth in the comparison?
Not really, no. Keenan does his own thing; Keith Buckley does his. ETID rules, but I don’t think they are that similar. I guess I’m a bit biased, but the differences to me are huge.

You seem to be hometown heroes for Calgary. What is it like getting that kind of love from your hometown?
We appreciate it beyond words. It is really cool to have your hometown stand behind you. Much love, Calgary.

Now that you’re signed to Victory, are you planning on embarking on constant tours?
Yeah, we will be on the road for a lot of 2013. It’s gonna be a fun, very exciting year for us. Come hang when we come through your area!

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