Interview with Weekend Nachos vocalist John Hoffman

Interview with vocalist John Hoffman | By Alasdair Bulmer

With A389’s Tenth Anniversary Bash boasting more face ripping hardcore than a mosh pit in a burning aggregate plant, you won’t be judged for getting your knickers in a twist with sheer indecisiveness at the truly awesome line-up. Chicago’s power-violence heroes Weekend Nachos do however command mandatory attendance as one of the increasingly vital noise-mongers and DIY champions of recent times. Catching a few pleasantly modest words from vocalist John Hoffman, his more familiar vitriolic throat-wretch is a far cry from the down-to-earth gratitude expressed for WN listeners both old and new, “I’m impressed that we can bust out a decade of jams and still have people interested in what we’re doing. Most hardcore bands in this day and age last for three or four years max. We are all still friends (and enemies) and we still have yet to release a record that we haven’t been happy with. It seems like the general public has been happy as well. We gotta keep going based on that principle alone.”

The proof is in the pudding and their hardcore-meets-grind-meets-sludge hybrid has become a veritable favorite among all brave souls with a taste for sheer sonic terror, as John explains, “We are definitely influenced by all types of extreme music, even some not-so-extreme music! It was born out of my desire to create the perfect Carcass/Youth of Today hybrid. I’m not really sure if that’s what people hear, but if you add in some total Eyehategod worship to the mix I think that describes our sound pretty well!”

Weekend Nachos’ progressively refined sound is indeed a vicious rollercoaster ride and an integral component fortified by a scathing lyrical attack as volatile as the music itself. “My lyrics have always been like word vomit. I have no filter for this band. Whatever I have on my mind is what’s going to come out. I do believe that I’ve learned new ways to express my disdain for the common society we live in – maybe my songs these days are less about killing motherfuckers and more about understanding the world we live in and therefore understanding ourselves.” Rational and reasoned, maybe, but the fundamentals remain unchanged, “Let’s not fool ourselves though; the songs on ‘Still’ are still very pissed off.”

“It sounds funny and maybe even tacky to say, but as the band has become more well-known and more widely accepted our DIY ethics have increased if anything,” he continues on the topic of their genre-spanning popularity accentuated by an unwavering commitment to, and common ground with the people. “Hardcore is not about your ego. It’s about working together and creating something beautiful in an ugly world. There never has to be a division between the band and their supporters. We all come from the same place and we all sing along.”

Sing, or scream-a-long we shall, not least at the upcoming A389 Bash which has regularly featured Weekend Nachos in previous years. Not forgetting the label’s release of the Black Earth EP and You Suffer single a mutual respect exists between the two parties, “I love playing the A389 Bash every year. Dom is a nice fellow and this year’s line-up is great, mostly because Sex Prisoner is finally making their East Coast debut!”

Still was unleashed on November 8th through Relapse and you can catch Weekend Nachos live during the A389 X Anniversary Bash January 17th 2014.  |

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