A new story begins for UK’s Seek Harbour with changes and surprises!This band has got something special here guys! Check out this new banger recent release for the new year 2024! The puzzle fits with a new piece that brings another element to this situation. These artists are ready to evolve and elevate to another journey in their music career. Aimee Allin, new additional vocalist for Seek Harbour, is bringing “different perspectives and producing music with more insight “stated the very engaging Aimee Allin. As the band forms a new sound, the anticipation and intensity get super real. We get to sit down and get the scoop on their next moves! With previous support from media outlets and magazines: BBC, Kerrang Radio (Featured Artist Of The Week), Dreambound, TotalRock (Single Of The Week), Idioteq, Noizze, and more and have already accrued over 250,000 streams on Spotify alone across previous releases, the touring road is ready for these hungry artists!

Thank you for sitting down with New Noise Magazine! Tell us how this year has treated you all so far! With your new additional singer, it really does bring a fresh new sound! 

“The idea of replacing screams with clean singing wasn’t what we originally had planned at all, we were adamant to always have the screaming dynamic, a bit like Being As An Ocean does. Once Loz gave us the news, he wouldn’t be continuing with the project due to other commitments we had a long think about the direction of the band. To keep the dual-vocals you’d expect from Seek Harbour – but to grab a gritty vocal from a female sounded like a fun direction to take. That way it keeps the angelic/good side from myself (Edwin, male vocals) and keeps the darker/bad side from Aimee (female vocals), which is something people often rely on by having the darker vocal deeper/male or even a scream. We believe we’ve achieved this well with Aimee.”

With your new release “Skin vs. Chrome “, how did this process go? Do you all write together?  Love the video btw!

“So, what actually happened with these tracks is they were originally recorded with our screamer on them, after he left, we wanted to re-write them with Aimee. So, these songs weren’t technically written from the core – or from scratch if you will – with Aimee. We did change parts I originally sang and played around with what would sound good and write melodies that weren’t there for Aimee all whilst we sat in a room doing so. We threw ideas around and wrote melodies until we were happy – but mostly, Chris (guitars & programming) does the writing beforehand with minor suggestions and tweaks from us.”

What inspired this song and tell us about it!

“This song was inspired from the man vs. the machine sort of vibe. The people against the system. That was it! All the songs on the upcoming EP are <blank> vs. <blank> with completely different subjects. The idea behind this is there is a “good” voice and a “bad” voice inside all of us, the two contrasting voices and opinions you hear on the track is almost like a conversation between the two inside the mind – but, as always, Seek Harbour lyrics are written almost vaguely so that the listener can take whatever interpretation they would like from it to mix it into fitting into their own world.”

With over 250 ,000 streams on Spotify, and all you have already accomplished with support from other media platforms such as BBC, Kerrang Radio(Featured Artist Of The Week) and much more!Has this given your band more momentum to push harder and celebrate at the same time?

“It has of course! To get that traction from our first EP was incredible, we can only hope to hit the same marks and improve as we go. We are excited to see how the second EP lands with our fans and more. We do try to meet up to celebrate as and when we can, but that tends to mostly be band practice! Ha!”

Any sneak peaks for next year?

“As aforementioned this track is part of a 4 track EP – there are 4 more songs to come! So, we look forward to releasing those. As for touring – we are on tour in January with SKIES for 4 dates going across the UK from the 25th through to the 28th. We also have an upcoming hometown show in March!”

Can you give some positive feedback to other bands out there trying to find their way!

“The best advice I could give personally is to work hard. Things won’t just happen; you need to be plugging websites and sending your music around to get it out there. The more eyes that see it the more chance of opportunity. Always strive to improve. Try to have a professional looking image, it matters to pay someone for graphics/recordings/images/photos unless fully capable as you don’t want it to look like a college project. It’s important to have a consistent branding across everything you do so there is something that helps you stand out from the many others that are attempting the same goals.”

Check out their pages, and new music! More coming your way!

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Skin vs Chrome Video –

Skin vs. Chrome by Seek Harbour – DistroKid

PHOTOS and artwork presented by the band

Band mates: Edwin Hall (vocals), Aimee Allin (vocals), Simon Bullock (drums), Chistopher Ellinor (guitars & programming)

Catch the band on tour w/ Skies in the UK
25.01.24 Birmingham – Subside
26.01.24 Guildford – The Star Inn
27.01.24 Tunbridge Wells – The Forum
28.01.24 London – The Black Heart


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