Interview: Tech N9ne – Welcome To Rockville Daytona Beach International Speedway

New Noise had a nice chat with rapper Aaron Dontez Yates, a.k.a. Tech N9ne.  His legendary presence with his rap rock metal mix and multifaceted style captivates his fans and colleagues everywhere he goes. Here at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach, Florida, in the center of the International Speedway, we have a conversation of life, music and anything else that sparked. Tech has also worked with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Glassjaw, Slipknot) and he’s performed at Knotfest, Rock on the Range, and Rocklahoma, sharing the stage with rock and metal’s biggest names, the list goes on and on.

Thank you for sitting down with us!

 You collaborated with Kim Dracula and HU$H, on the track ” What (We’re Hungry and Thirsty). Love it!

Aaron: I wanted someone that had other ideas and mixed it up. It was supposed to be me, Ronnie Radke, and Kim Dracula, and Ronnie was loving it but in the middle of doing his album. I didn’t know him at all, but hit him up in his Dm, and Kim was like, sure whatever time you need! I go toward the elite and the challenges. I want people to push me as much as I push them. When I sent Eminem “Speedom,” I only needed 16 bars, and he did like 32 or 38 bars. Push(ed) me to go even harder.

Your energy is explosive and when you walk into a room, it’s apparent. You are never stopping.

Aaron: No, never. I got so many ideas, and they keep coming. I’m not slowing down. I feel like there are so many people I have to infect with my music and my brain. It’s a blessing to be here and there are a lot of people that are going to see me here.

It’s a blessing to have you here! How did you venture into gaming and videos and stuff?

Aaron: My partner, Travis, he is a mastermind at that stuff. When I did the song “The Beast” it was connected to some producer who do music also.

 What do you think has been your greatest challenge or moment in your career?

Aaron: Early on was when black folks were around me saying I was a devil worshipper. Thinking about my imagery, it hurt me back then. When I got more knowledgeable where the devil came from and so forth, now I find it funny. All those years I fought, I was from the church, even when I was going to church every day. I used to care about all that stuff, I’m not begging anyone to come to my shows anymore.

You have earned your stance in the industry, and you got to put people in their place.

Aaron: You know, I woke up early today and had this extreme joy in my heart to be here. I just want to keep going up you know! I’ve got all the money I need, have a great family, and been on the Forbes list several times. It doesn’t matter, when I hear music, it makes me happy. I don’t care what genre it is, when I hear a door beat, it makes me happy. I love having that hunger still after 39 years being in this game.

One more question, I heard you used to go into abandoned houses, ghost hunting.

Aaron: You know, on my whole Journey to find a spiritual realm, I never did find anything. The only thing I could find is the beauty of a baby being born, the sun, the moon, the stars, but never had an encounter with ghosts. The only reason I was looking was because my mom was sick at that time. But I wasn’t bitter. I did find out a lot what I found that can’t talk. The masses believe things, but I don’t anymore. So many things you can read and find; it’s all about what you want and feel. If you are a good person, not judging people for being gay, or a different color, I am down with it. Energy is everything!

We absolutely love and adore Tech N9ne, his spirit is powerful and so his music! Check out his collaboration with Kim Dracula and HU$H, on the track “What (We’re Hungry and Thirsty). “

Photo Credit- Steve Carlos

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