Interview: TX2 -Welcome To Rockville Music Festival & New Song ‘Hatchet’!

New Noise writers get to have a sit down with TX2 at Welcome To Rockville in Daytona Beach, Florida. We had a nice chat with the founder of TX2 about music and life on the road. From raw lyrical content, hard work, and his unstoppable drive, this artist is rising to the occasion. His focus with his work is bringing mental health awareness to the world through his music. TX2 understands and wants all the fans to have a safe place they can come to and be whomever they want to be!


 How long has your band been together?

So, I’ve been TX2 for the last 8+ years. It’s a project I started in high school, and at the time I became a running joke in my town. I vowed to make it so that all those people who made fun of TX2 would see the name on a billboard one day. I’ve kept it since. The other members are pretty recent, Cam (the oldest member and my guitarist) started playing with me just a little over a year ago. After growing up playing in bands I’ve decided this was the best choice though, a band feels like family and that’s something I need.

You guys are soon on tour with Ice Nine Kills. That’s got to be a blast!


We can’t wait for that tour. I grew up listening to Ice Nine Kills, In This Moment and Avatar, so this feels like a dream come true.


Welcome to Rockville is so amazing, how does it feel hitting such a huge platform in Daytona, Florida at the International Speedway?


Incredible, my first ever festival too! We thought no one would show up and were ready for an empty set since we were so early in the day. To our surprise over 650+ people reserved in the Rockville app to come see us and over 1000 people (it looked like) showed up to see us. The biggest crowd of TX2 fans I’ve ever played to.


That’s amazing! Tell us about your latest track “Hatchet”. I love how it climaxes toward the middle of the track. Feels like a bittersweet love song! How did this come to life?


We didn’t play hatchet at the festival since it was a harder-rock crowd, but fans seem to love it at headline shows! I wrote hatchet after a breakup where I realized I changed so much of myself to fit into one person’s ideal image. Then after cutting them off, realized I had to cut that side of me off too.


You just got called out by a large right wing Youtuber. What do you have to say to that? 


Great. I’m doing what I always wanted to and I’m standing up to bullies and homophobic people with a platform. They also gave my song and message more awareness, fell right into our trap.


“Black Wedding” is wild, you guys have so much energy coming through your music. This gets super metal in the latter part of the song. What does the creative process look like for your guys?


I wrote that song by myself with my producer Matt Good. We started off with the sick intro riff and built the song out from there. I’ve never seen a successful marriage personally and I fear true love doesn’t exist. I wanted to write a song about the fear of marriage and love, but through the story of a failed marriage.

 Where is home base, or are you guys all over?


We are all currently located in Los Angeles and met there, but I spent 18 years in Colorado and 4 years in Miami before that.


An album in the works?


Oh yes, an album is in the works and will be dropping this year.


Crazy road stories or close calls?


On the last tour we left a lighter on the front dash of our van (and we were all high) and in the hot sun the lighter melted and exploded in front of us. It sounded like a gunshot, so everyone jumped on the floor and for 3 minutes we were screaming trying to drive the van away covering our heads because we thought someone was shooting at us.

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