Interview: Wrath of Logarius Talk ‘Necrotic Assimilation’ EP

As a self-professed genre nerd, I love when bands find new ways to subvert expectations and easy categorization. Creating a new subgenre label and having it work? *Chef’s Kiss* Coming—allegedly—from the mist-shrouded forests of Nor-Cal, Wrath Of Logarius play with and subvert your expectations with their self-identified “Formless Black Metal.” This isn’t your racist uncle’s black metal, nor is this particularly aimless. Instead, the EP is a wealth of tropes winkingly alluded to and improved upon. Like the protagonists in Soulsborne (yep, Logarius is a Bloodborne reference) video games, the form is atmospheric black metal, but your choice of weaponry or build, aka your perception and interests can inform what you hear. To these ears, I hear Cascadian black metal mixed with a blackened form of tech death, with some stunningly beautiful melodic work. All that is to say, good luck figuring out Wrath Of Logarius, and that’s the point, as they share:

Guitarist Urath:

Necrotic Assimilation is the sound track to the first part of our story. Each release with have something to add to the band’s lore. We are melting everything cosmic horror from video games, books, movies, etc. together into the inspiration for the band. This is a case of dimensions colliding into the horror of everything unknown. It’s also a metaphor for Formless Black Metal. We’re combining these different versions of black metal into its own thing and it’s constantly changing; it’s formless. We want to use that to our advantage to subvert expectations through with our music.”

To expand further, they elaborated:

“In essence, the EP is an abyssal yet perceivable story. Each song is a story of its own within the bigger story. The concept of the EP is to ‘acknowledge what has been, tear it down and destroy it to its very core, then take its place and rebuild it into your own.’ This concept is both personal and universal. It leaves room for the listener to connect to it in their own way. Whether the listener chooses to take the lyrics at face value or look beyond the veil, they will undoubtedly obtain an understanding of what’s being said. It will mean different things to every listener. Regarding my personal meaning behind the lyrics, all I will say is this; while in my grandest state of repose, the malevolence poured out abundantly from within.”

Necrotic Assimilation is available now through Season of Mist. Follow Wrath of Logarius on Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Wrath of Logarius 

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