Label Spotlight: UNFD, Interview with Luke Logemann and Francesca Caldara

UNFD is celebrating a decade of existence this year. Ten years since Luke Logemann started the innovative platform to expose the excellence in Australian heavy music. Ten years of showcasing the best the country has to offer and even expanding its operation over three continents. UNFD stepped in when nobody else would, and it truly has been an amazing decade for Logemann and his team. UNFD has stood strong, on its own two feet, and continued to elevate itself year after year.  

“The kind of person I am, and the people who are part of the label, reflects that when UNFD started, it was always a long-term plan,” Logemann says. “For as long as I can remember, running a record label was my goal in life. I’m so proud of this past decade, but UNFD is here to remain in the distant future also. This label is a community, and it’s a place where fans and artists come together.”  

UNFD began with a lifelong vision and commitment, its rate of growth down to the content and the labor behind the scenes. With such a passionate and dedicated team behind exposing captivating heavy music from down under, it is obvious why UNFD has expanded at such a rapid rate over the last 10 years. 

“When the label began, the only bands that were doing quite well within the heavy Australian scene were The Amity Affliction and Parkway Drive,” Logemann says. “In 2011, there was a massive amount of talent and so many bands we wanted to work with, and we wanted to bring it all together and add a professional nature to the heavy scene in Australia.” 

“UNFD had a main initial goal of getting Australian bands overseas and performing outside the country,” he continues. “The rest of the world is so far away from Australia, and I feel bands in this country just thought they couldn’t leave Australia, and they were stuck. UNFD came in to connect the dots and prove that Australian artists were absolutely worth getting on overseas tours.”  

Francesca Caldara, the label’s North American manager adds further comments. 

“I have been working here for three years now, and the passion that goes into this label is unquestionable,” Caldara says. “I think the fact that the label comes from Australia, which is an overlooked country, showcasing a community of people who genuinely care about the arts and UNFD showcases the ambition of Australian creativity.”  

“UNFD fosters an environment where people are excited by the work we are doing,” she continues. “We have staff in three continents and can take a global approach on how we release music, and the general work ethic is very passionate.”  

Caldara makes it clear that UNFD evolving into a worldwide day and night operation, combined with its work ethic, is a key factor as to why it has risen above the rest in the last 10 years. With world domination on the cards, who knows where UNFD will stand in the next decade? 

“Signing to a label should never be a band’s end goal, it should just be the beginning,” Caldara says. “A label should be a band’s teammates and never their coach. What UNFD does is an amplification of what the band can do. A band may have their own vision, but UNFD will provide bands with the resources to execute them.”  

That summarizes perfectly the ethics of UNFD, a label that provides a platform for art that needs to be showcased. It’s no surprise that UNFD has had an amazing decade with an operation and vision that’s unique. Here’s to another decade and many more. 

Check out this recent release from UNFD Records, Moodring’s “Empty Me Out,” here:

For more from UNFD Records, check out their official website.

Photo courtesy of UNFD Records

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