Nekrofilth Are Perverting Cleveland’s Rock ‘n Roll Legacy

Interview with guitarist/vocalist Zack Rose  |  By Alasdair Bulmer

There’s something in the water in Cleveland. With legendary devil metallers Nunslaughter, sleaze merchants Midnight, and most recently, the disease-encrusted Nekrofilth all perverting C-town’s rock ‘n roll legacy, all is surely not well.

“This is a desolate filthy and cold place where most people only come out at night. Certainly this has something to do with it,” reasons Nekrofilth vocalist and guitarist Zack Rose. “I think mainly though, people here are really trying to do something to allow them to leave.”

Formed back in 2008 with no real agenda, Nekrofilth was the “natural” result of the band hanging out in their basement. “We were just dicking around with some riffs I had written. We started jamming [and] writing songs in late February of 2008, and by early June had ten songs written, so we figured we might as well record a demo tape. This was eventually re-released on vinyl as Worship Destruction. All future degeneration stems from this.”

With their first full length proper, Devil’s Breath, poised for release this halloween via Cleveland’s own Hell Headbangers Records, it’s the latest perversion in a steady repertoire of H/C infused Slaughter-worship not too dissimilar from a marginally dynamic Hellhammer. In true no-fucks-given style, Zack insists otherwise. “Actually our main influence is Bang Tango. But you were close.”

“I think the Devil’s Breath album is exactly what I wanted,” he continues. “I think all the songs are really strong and the record is really short so it doesn’t get boring.” Yet for such a concise abuse of your aural and moral sensibilities, the writing process was no rushed endeavor. “The writing took something like two years and we only picked the best tunes. Jon B [drums] stepped in at the last minute and did a phenomenal job. He had about 2 months to prepare for recording and really just blew everyone away. Also Tony [bass] said a lot of really creepy things at practice which put us in the perfect mood.”

Nekrofilth - 2013

Judging by the song titles and lyrical content (“I don’t need the blood of a virgin, I just need the ass of a slut,” is one tasteful example from ‘Smear the Sleaze’) that mood was suitably sordid. It equally suggests a preoccupation with seedier side of life compared to the more fantastical/horror elements of some of their Cleveland counterparts. Zack remains somewhat tight-lipped on the matter. “Most all of the lyrics come from real life, whether personal experience or things I read about in the newspaper. I’ll let you guess which is which.”

As for the live setting, what can the unacquainted typically expect? “We usually play for about 20 minutes and people leave feeling really empty and depressed. Sometimes we attack guitars with chainsaws and power tools, and on one occasion I had to fight two people for trying to piss on me before the show started. Other times we just play the tunes and get the hell out of there. I guess you’ll have to come and see.”

As tempting as that may sound, with the upcoming infection spreading on Nekrofilth’s schedule don’t say we didn’t warn you. “We want to spread chlamydia to as many people as we can. We are doing a 3 and a half week tour in November of the West Coast here in the USA. We are playing Vancouver, Portland, Bay Area, Los Angeles and a shitload of other places. After that we plan on doing some more touring next year in the US and hopefully elsewhere.”  |  |

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