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The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Portland, Oregon
Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies | Aug. 30 | Tankcrimes

RIYL: Camaraderie. Empathy. Being in the shit together.

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Sometimes being able to laugh in the face of the world’s insanity is the best way to take care of one’s self,” vocalist Ami Lawless remarks.

That sense of humor may not be immediately apparent in Cliterati’s ravenous, rapturous debut, but it roils under the surface. Their hardcore style sprinkles in dashes of grind, d-beat, crossover, queercore, and crust for a sound that stands out amongst their peers. The Portland, Oregon, band’s core principle involves marrying different identities together to create a sense of community—both in sound and substance. That carries through in their love for each other and for anyone who is hurt or oppressed.

“It’s very simple,” Lawless states. “We’re all in this shit together. We all want a good quality of life and happiness for ourselves and those in our community—a decent living wage; an end to tyranny, oppression, and hate; and a healthy Mother Earth. We are, indeed, a melting pot unto ourselves: four individuals with very different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, views, and identities who’ve come together to create music we’d wanna listen to.”

Cliterati rise above the crust through that attitude, which shines masterfully within Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies’ sneering sense of humor. Plus, with Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust handling mastering duties, you know the guitar tone is on point. What better way to spend half an hour than marching along to Cliterati’s drumbeat for the downtrodden as Lawless’ pointed, punchy words wash over you?

Top photo by Michael Thorn

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