The New What Next: The Anti-Queens

The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior | Photo by Michael Amaral

The Anti-Queens
Toronto, Ontario
The Anti-Queens | Sept. 13 | Stomp Records
RIYL: Reading between the lines. Middle fingers. Flip cup.

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“I now realize that most of these songs are basically telling people to fuck off, which is hilarious, because that was completely accidental,” The Anti-Queens lead vocalist and guitarist Emily Bones laughs.

It’s that inadvertent middle finger that gets at the soul of The Anti-Queens; their debut oozes both a rebellious streak and a desire to invite as many people to the musical party as possible. Given the sneering yet honest lyrics, hooks sharper than a box cutter, and a brand of tunes that could only be labeled “fucking rock ’n’ roll,” there’s no doubting that The Anti-Queens know how to throw an audio rager. There’s a distinct authenticity to the songs that feels both relatable yet personal and makes this party linger like a bad hangover—but, this time, it’s on purpose.

“Whether it be a particular lyric or a vibe in the melodies and riffs, music can be a very powerful healer,” Bones elaborates. “Exposing your vulnerability through songwriting can be kind of scary, but the moment someone tells you how much a song inspired them or got them through something, you remember why being honest and open is so important.”

Calling The Anti-Queens a damn good time would diminish the album’s surprising depth and replayability. Few bands straddle the line between humor and heart so wonderfully.

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