New Year’s Evolutions: Jordan Moten (Kharma) and Warg (Heretical Sect)

We checked in with Kharma’s Jordan Moten and Heretical Sect’s Warg on how they spent 2020, what they learned, and their thoughts and hopes for what 2021 will hold, as part of our New Year’s Evolutions Series!

Jordan Moten – Kharma


Jordan Moten, vocalist of Chicago’s Kharma, is plotting and planning and ready for 2021 to open up the fucking pit. 

The past year has been the single weirdest year of my life. As hard as it was for everyone, I took a lot of time to look at the person I am. I also spent a lot of time writing out ideas for future Kharma stuff. Not just music but ideas for tours I’d want to do, merch ideas, ways to keep our name relevant while touring was gone, etc.  

I think, for creative people, being stuck and isolated can help ideas flourish for some, and for others, it can totally extinguish any creative fire. Luckily, I was the former.  

As far as hobbies and things like that, I started a podcast with a friend and also started working out again. I was only going out to go to work so I felt like I had to do SOMETHING to stay active.  

My prediction for the year is that if shows come back safely, the whole hardcore scene is going to hit a huge boom. I feel like everyone will have such intense FOMO that most people won’t be missing any shows that happen. For Kharma specifically, I hope for 2021 to be our biggest year yet.  

Photo courtesy of Kharma.

Warg – Heretical Sect

Warg Heretical Sect
Credit: Brandon Sonder

Drummer and vocalist Warg of Heretical Sect fought his way out of creative stagnation with therapy and the outdoors. 

Without physical contact able to happen in our practice space, our collaborative process ground to a halt. Because our writing hinges on collaboration, this year has led to some anxiety regarding our creative future.  

No digital exchange of ideas has manifested as an adequate replacement, which is unfortunate, because making music is a sort of mental health necessity.  

Without that outlet, I had to be a little more self-reflective about what making music really means and how I might meet those needs in different ways. Exercising, outdoor activities, writing, and therapy have all become integral to my daily life.  

Still, the urgency of the moment and the edge of societal collapse calls to my frustration and anger. Art is the only tool I have to transform that rage into productive resistance.  

Although normalcy has its allure, we can continue to reimagine ourselves and our possibilities beyond our previous norms. Underground culture has a huge opportunity to reassert its vitality through creating physical experiences and community once again.  

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