Quick Chat w/ Pentimento about Fest

Quick Chat with drummer Mike Hansen | www.pentimentony.com

What are the top 5 bands are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Circle Takes The Square
Football, Etc.
Half Hearted Hero
Mockingbird Wish Me Luck

Have you been there in the past either play or just see bands?

Last year was our first FEST experience. Fortunately we were there to be a part of the actual event, but I also got to see some incredible bands. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I’d absolutely go if, for whatever reason, Pentimento wasn’t playing.

Has anyone given you any advice or told you what to expect?

Absolutely. “Do everything you can to stay as far a-fucking-way from Fest AIDS as possible.” – Heartsounds’ Ben Murray

Are there any bands that you want to personally see while at the FEST?

Yeah! There are always those amazing bands that mostly play every year, like A Wilhelm Scream, and No Trigger. They’re so good, but this year I’m really excited to see The Draft. That record they put out, In a Million Pieces, is so fuckin’ good. I saw them once before they broke up so I’m really excited to see them play again. I’m really excited to see Samiam. That’s one of my favorite bands. It’ll be a good time, I’m stoked for everything!

Pentimento is featured in Issue #5 of New Noise Magazine!
Look for it at a record store near you, as well as at Fest 12!

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