Reign Through Immortality: An Interview with Erimha

Interview with drummer Kaos | By Tony Shrum

Reign Through Immortality has been out for half a year now. How has the response been? Has it exceeded your expectations?

We are very stoked; the album seems to have been received well by the fans and growing on people. Where it exceeded are expatiations, it seems a lot of fans and new followers are getting what this band is about. Yes, musically we are a symphonic band and will be associated because of that, but the real fans that go deep down into the message we are trying to pass on, that is where we are trying to pull away from our peers, and we are stoked to see that people are getting this.

Erimha - Reign Through Immortality cover

Have you seen a major boost in exposure upon signing and releasing an album with Victory Records?

Yeah there was a major boost. I mean more on social media sites we were doing pretty good, but to start seeing reviews and pages in major magazines and websites it was a good feeling. This band is still a young band being only our 4th year together, but we all have been around for a very long time trying to push different acts, and now finally after 10+ years having a label like Victory by our side, it’s given this band a major push. It also made us realize that no matter what label you are under there is still a lot of research and work to be put in by the band. Since day one we have been pushing very hard and now to have a devoted team like Victory by our side it makes everything move even faster.

When approached about touring with Abigail Williams in 2014, what was your initial reaction?

We were very stoked, we had approached them in May of this year and it was just not possible to make it happen back then. To be able to do our first full US run with Abigail we couldn’t be more pumped!

Are you guys ready to bring your high speed take on metal to US soil?

We’ve been wanting to make this happen for a long time now, with the borders it makes everything just a little more complicated. It’s been too long now and there is a lot of energy built up in the band to go out and make this happen; we are very much ready and can’t wait to take this show on the road!!!

Are there any places on this tour you’re excited to be going to, possibly for the first time?

I mean every place is different and we will be seeing most of these places for the first time. We are just excited about the whole trip and being able to pass our energy on to every city.

There isn’t much time for sightseeing, as there’s not very many days off between shows. Do you plan on squeezing anything in?

What’s cool about the road is there are more ‘spur-of-the-moment’ moments. We do have a couple of places that we would like to go, but we are a lot more about that certain moment in time, where we see it in the van and just say, ‘Ok, we’re stopping here.’

I’ve gotta ask. Why is the video for “Verdict of the Soul” so awesome, and where was it filmed?

We had a hell of a good time making it! It was filmed in Wisconsin at the quarry of the Mad Man from Wisconsin (don’t ask) an awesome dude. We were lucky enough to have Eric Richter from Victory Records and his team work with us.  There are some behind the scenes that hopefully will make the light of day; that was almost the best part of the night [laughs].

Did it get hot being around the fire?

We weren’t too sure what to expect. The guy who helped out was Dieter Storm ( and he didn’t bring any snow… more like 400lbs of propane!!! But things went good; we were able to make full takes of the song every time. He had told us, “if you think you’re on fire, run for the extinguisher.” When the big explosion took place it got so hot we almost all stopped playing and ran for it [laughs]. So yeah, it did get a little warm.

Although you just released Reign Through Immortality this past year, do you have any plans in the works for new material that you can reveal to us?

Actually, we have started laying out the new concept for the next album, certain song structures too, but nothing enough to say that things are rolling 100%. All we can say is that it seems it will be heavier and darker.

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Erimha Tour Dates with Abigail Williams:
Jan 9-The Brass Rail (Peoria, IL)
Jan 10-Vaudeville Mews (Des Moines, IA)
Jan 11-Fubar (St. Louis, MO)
Jan 12-Emerson Theater (Indy,IN)
Jan 13-Haymarket Whiskey Bar (Louisville, KY)
Jan 14-Ace of Cups (Columbus, OH)
Jan 15-The Bug Jar (Rochester, NY)
Jan 16-Bogies (Albany, NY)
Jan 17-Slake (New York, NY)
Jan 18-Reverb (Reading, PA)
Jan 19-Championship (Trenton, NJ)
Jan 20-Heirloom Arts Theatre (Danbury, CT)
Jan 21-Gator’s (Jeannette, PA)
Jan 22-Agora Ballroom (Cleveland, OH)
Jan 23-The Ritz (Warren, MI)
Jan 24-Centerstage (Kokomo, IN)
Jan 25-Take 20 (Cherry Valley, IL)
Jan 26-Reggies (Chicago, IL)
Feb 01-Tomcats (Fort Worth, TX)
Feb 04-Sugars Bar (Big Spring, TX)
Feb 05-Wreck Room (Amarillo, TX)
Feb 06-The Jam Spot (Albuquerque, NM)
Feb 08-Black Castle (Los Angeles, CA)
Feb 09-Jerry’s Pizza (Bakersfield, CA)
Feb 10-Midtown Barfly (Sacramento, CA)
Feb 14-El Corazon (Seattle, WA)
Feb 16-The Hop (Spokane, WA)
Feb 17-The Complex (Bozeman, MT)
Feb 18-Machinery Row (Great Falls, MT)
Feb 20-Hi-Dive (Denver, CO)
Feb 21-Lizard Lounge (Wichita, KS)
Feb 23-The Chameleon Room (OK City, OK)

More info on these tour dates here.

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