Interview: The Red Chord’s Guy Kozowyk Talks Reissue of ‘Fused Together In Revolving Doors’ and Upcoming Live Dates

Boston deathcore innovators The Red Chord continue their recent spate of activity with a vinyl reissue of their classic first album, Fused Together In Revolving Doors, on May 17, as well as some upcoming live dates. These live dates include festival appearances as well as a special set of album release shows in Boston on June 1 and 2.

With these live dates and the reissue of their first album imminent, we decided sit down and chat with Red Chord vocalist Guy Kozowyk in order to get the scoop on all their current activities.

Below are his answers.

What made you decide to reform and start playing shows again?

The biggest catalyst for our return was Decibel Magazine. We were asked to play the Clients record in its entirety at the 2022 Decibel Metal & Beer Festival in Philly to coincide with their induction the album into the Decibel Hall of Fame. That was our first show in about seven years. Mike Wohlberg, the magazine art director, is a friend and huge supporter of the band. He really pushed us to play and was a key person to stay on us about doing stuff again.

You’re going to reissue your debut album, Fused Together In Revolving Doors, on vinyl. Why did you decide to do this?

We have wanted to issue our catalogue on vinyl since these records were first released. We had been kicking around doing the Clients LP first to coincide with the Decibel fest … but we have a very particular vision on the reimagined album artwork. It didn’t come together in time for the fest. Metal Blade was really patient with enduring our fastidious nature, so big thanks and apologies to them.

So we went back to the first album. The stars aligned. We enlisted Mike from Decibel to reimagine the artwork with the blessing of the original graphic designer and our original bassist, Adam Wentworth. All of the original members were cool with the vision. If this goes well, maybe we’ll work our way through other albums.

In addition, the Fused Together reissue is coming out on your reactivated Black Market Activities label. What made you decide to reactivate the label and put the album out on it? Will the label just be used for Red Chord releases moving forward, or will you also put our releases from other artists? Did you look at other labels?

We have been approached by lots of small, cool labels particularly about limited vinyl re-issues. There are definitely really interesting companies out there doing great stuff. But, I don’t love the overly limited release drop format that has become commonplace. We technically have two labels within the band (BMA and Gunface’s Nightedthrone). So the distribution infrastructure has been in place to do it ourselves with the assistance of our friends over at Deathwish Inc. We had a specific vision for Fused. If it doesn’t come out cool, we can just blame ourselves. I’m ok with that.

The modern label game is draining and complicated. I’ve wanted to do some projects that would be fun enough to risk the financial burden that comes with releasing music. I have a couple projects in the works, primarily focusing on re-issuing pieces from my catalogue or working with old friends. Everything from here has to remain fun and fulfilling.

Looking back at Fused Together, what are your thoughts on it? So many years later, is there anything you would change about it?

The bulk of the record was recorded in two days and then mixed in another two days. I lost my voice tracking all of the vocals in a couple hours. My voice was so blown I couldn’t do the low, bog monster growl at the start of the song “Catalepsy,” at least not in the way it was intended. I cringe whenever I hear it! But we didn’t have the budget or timeframe to just push things out another week. Aside from that, I think there’s a charm to that raw feel you get from a band recording live. Albums now are so edited and precise you lose the human touch that comes from a record like Fused. The imperfections take me back, and I’m still very proud of it.

Speaking of the reissue, you are doing a bunch of record release shows in Boston, on June 1 and 2, for it. What made you decide to go this route? Also, how did you decide upon the line-up for each night?

Yes! The bulk of our return shows have been a part of larger festivals. There’s nothing bad about playing to lots of people … but this band came up playing on the floors in unorthodox venues. We really wanted to have an intimate environment that takes people back to the vibe of an early-2000’s Red Chord show. Each band was carefully selected. We are thrilled all the bands were willing to work with us and make this intimate show a reality. Deadguy is my favorite hardcore band, and this is their first Boston area appearance since the 1990s. I can’t think of anything more special than that.

Outside of the record release shows, you are mainly playing festivals. Is that the plan for the foreseeable future, or will you do some minor touring?

Real life gets in the way of art. We have a handful of shows scattered across the country for the remainder of the year. We have some sweet non-fest appearances we are coordinating that we hope to become a reality.

There has also been talk that you are working on some new music. What made you decide to do this? Do you and your bandmates have any trepidation about doing it? Or are you charging into this full steam ahead?

The biggest hurdle has been consistent access to each other. We don’t all live in the same state, so jam time is limited. Personally, I have done terribly when it comes to writing for projects remotely. We do throw around ideas whenever we are together. I think we are all on the same page that we’d like to see new material manifest. Hopefully we make it a reality!

Upcoming Red Chord Live Dates

May 18 – Milwaukee Metal Fest – Milwaukee, WI
May 26 – Big Texas Metal Fest – Austin, TX
June 1 – Widowmaker Brewing, Braintree, MA w/Deadguy, Intercourse, Body Stuff
June 2 – Widowmaker Brewing, Braintree, MA w/Through The Eyes Of The Dead, From A Second Story Window, Stagnater
Sep. 21 – New England Metal & Hardcore Festival,  Worcester, MA

The vinyl reissue of Fused Together In Revolving Doors will be available for purchase through IndieMerch, Deathwish Inc., Decibel Magazine and the band directly. Follow the band on socials for more updates. 

Photo courtesy of The Red Chord 

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