Track-by-Track/Album Premiere: Hiraki – ‘Stumbling Through the Walls // Reworked’

Hiraki are sharing their new reworked version of their 2021 album, Stumbling Through the Walls, and you can check it out right now at New Noise.

The initial record was composed and recorded in complete solitude, without any input from others outside of the band. For that reason, Hiraki said it made perfect sense to let go of all control and hand over the 10 tracks to a handful of other, very different artists. Hiraki gave the artists the freedom to completely transform the songs in any way they wanted and said they were “completely blown away” by the result.

Not only are Hiraki premiering the album in full, but Hiraki have collected quotes from each of the artists who remixed and reworked the tracks. So, take a dive into the band’s reworked album with a bit more background as you traverse!

A1. Common Fear (John Cxnnor Rework)
With this particular collaboration, we wanted to fuse the progressive synth punk of HIRAKI with our take on ’90s aesthetics from psy-trance techno and classic movies of that time such as CUBE and BLADE—set in a claustrophobic scene creating this eccentric rave party with feral screaming vocals and punkish attitude.

We’re stoked to be part of this release and can’t wait to play this track live at Roskilde Festival this summer!

A2. Blossom Cutups (Pani Rework)
At the time of making the track, I had been listening to a lot of old jungle and DnB compilations. I just wanted to make it total, danceable chaos while still retaining a lot of my own artistic practices. Fun fact: multiple different extended versions with additional vocals and a live version with guitar was made for an exam I had. And it’ll never see the light of day, HA!

A3. Wonderhunt (Kh Marie Rework)

This is Kh Marie and Hiraki sewn together—a beautiful audible manifestation of our individual peculiarities and our common ground. In a nearby and almost identical dimension, this would probably be a band of its own – and that was also our vibe while reworking the original track.

A4. Peach Lung (Kasper Svendsen Rework)
I was quickly drawn towards the vocal stems from PEACHLUNG, which reminded me of David Byrne and The Blood Brothers. I wanted to keep the hectic feel of the original track but still steer it in a different direction; from simple techno to bouncy trap vibes. I felt really inspired in this process and the whole thing was done after two intense sessions.

The track features a lot of analog percussive bleeps, as well as ambience done on the Moog Matriarch. With such a wealth of great tracks at my disposal I couldn’t help but sample some vocals, drums and guitars found elsewhere on STTW.

A5. Mirror Stalker (MIRRORship Rework)
It’s always been a dream of mine to work with a doom band. This was a nice first taste of that! Although I have known these boys for quite some time, I fell in love with Jon’s vocals and the driving dark forces, the moment I heard it. I tried to keep it simple and Epic.

B1. New Standards (Odd Shapes Rework)
I experimented with tempo. I wanted the music to move fast but still feel light and transparent. I was very drawn to the spherical female vocals from the original, so I processed them and built the track from there.

B2. New Standards (Malou Mørkeberg Rework)
I found the vocal stem very useful for my style of production methods. I like to chop and syncopate vocals to drums. My input to the track is drawn from the frenetic and rapid rhythms of ghetto house and juke music.

B3. New Standards (Blue Monad Rework)
I chose “New Standards,” because it has some great female vocals. With that, I decided to make a new track with the vocal as my main sample from the original track. It was a fun track to work with, because I am not used to sampling or working with post-metal music. In the end, I think it turned out to be a rework with a mix of original atmosphere combined with my own sensibility.

B4. New Standards (DJ Stock Music Rework)
Like almost every DJ Stock Music remix, I like to use the stems. All of them. In fact every sounds in this rework is taken from the stems, besides that small drums glitchloop. I know it ended up pretty badly, it was basically the first time ever I “properly” mixed a track. You can tell.

B5. Common Fear (Satelle Rework)
My “Common Fear” rework reimagines Hiraki’s original industrial anthem as a noisy, catchy shoegaze endeavor. Jon’s rhythmically off-kilter vocal manifesto effortlessly floats atop a lo-fi, reverb-soaked backdrop that twists itself (with the help of The Armed vocalist Cara Drolshagen) into lush, distortion-heavy daydream fuel.

Listen to Stumbling Through the Walls // Reworked in full here:

Also, check out their new video for “Blossom Cutups (Pani Rework)” here:

For more from Hiraki, find them on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Malte Riis

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