Track-by-Track: Briqueville – IIII

Belgian experimental metal band Briqueville are sharing their new album IIII, out today. The new offering from the band follows the same exploration of deeper, richer sonic palette that was first heard on the band’s “Quelle” from 2020.

Listen to the album here:

Track-by-track from Briqueville:

Akte XVI

It doesn’t happen often in our writing process but this one has been cooked up entirely by 1 member in. We recorded it with vocals in the studio and added additional layers back in our home base. The slow build-up and ticking of the “clock” serve as an indication of what to expect on this record. The element of repetition is more prominent in comparison to our previous two albums. It leans more towards our first record.


The “single,” or at least that’s the Akte we chose to make a videoclip for. It starts with a dark, brooding atmosphere spearheaded by the heavy leading bass fronting the mix. The idea of mixing the bass like that came to us when recording the first demos and ideas. During rehearsal, we put a recording device on top of the bass cabinet. The result was this growl being recorded on top of the eerie guitar tracks.

The rest of the Akte is an emotional rollercoaster that never looks back and doesn’t have recurring themes. And endless march forward…..


When starting to write and jam for IIII, this was the first Akte we started working on. We had different versions that got stuck in an overly present repetition, lacking a good ending. During the last days before entering the studio, the final part of the Akte came to us and opened up the track. The pulse of the first part gives us the chance to pull people in a trance while the last part serves as a cathartic moment. More serene than on previous records but it is still there.

Akte XIX

This Akte came about when two members were waiting for a new take in the studio. It was originally intended as a new intro or extra track, but our producer made it into a short, ethereal trip. That’s why it deserves a spot on the record.

The feedback that runs through the entirety of the track gives a constant slumber of unease, whereas the vocals repeat themselves continuously to the point where you would slowly lose track of time.

Akte XX

The original idea of the first part of the Akte was to dabble in music outside of traditional Western music, as we do on each record.

It quickly changed into a more traditional rock kind of vibe. Although this was never the intention, it turned out nice.

As the first part passes and comes to a quiet ending, the build-up for the last part of the album begins. We completely let ourselves go in the studio while keeping in mind that this would be an Akte that we would never play the same way twice. The key element is repetition of a simple theme while the additional layers and the intensity of the drums are increasing. The repetition is subtly hidden away and pushed back in the mix. This was a very pure and honest recording in the studio and ended up having a bombastic finish with all the extra’s on top.


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Photo courtesy of Briqueville

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