Track-by-Track: Marthe – ‘Further in Evil’

Further in Evil, the debut LP from Italian one-woman metal band Marthe, drops today from Southern Lord Records. The powerful metal-punk fusion record finds Marzia, the woman behind the project, hardening herself against a cold world. “The title means entering the gates of darkness, becoming cold and detached so as not to suffer anymore,” Marzia comments about the album.

Today, Marzia was kind enough to break down the entire album for us, track by track, giving us the backstory on every track on the album. Check out Marzia’s track-by-track breakdown below:

1. I Ride Alone: an ode to the self love that it takes to heal when nobody is there for you. Being through a journey of suffering alone, watching the days going by, gathering strength from within. Then, once healed, there’s no turning back on your steps honouring the time, tears and sorrow it took to raise your head again despite a lot of questions that remain unanswered.

2. Dead To You: when you believed you meant the world to someone but then all became a desert of frozen loneliness, all words turned meaningless and the only thing you want is to have never existed in someone else’s world.

3. Further In Evil: loving, caring, expecting too much is a weakness in a world full of wolves–  this song is a metaphor for growing up, wearing armour, being able to stand without expecting anything anymore.

4. Victimized: a dream of justice, a storm of fire on those feeding their ego by ruining other people’s lives.

5. To Ruined Altars…: It’s about the cycle of being dumped for something fresh and new. It hurts, but it’s important to constantly remind ourselves that we must stand and be worthy for ourselves, do what we like for us only and be true to ourselves. All the rest spins constantly and when the table turns, the cards reveal who was who and we should watch our reflection in the mirror and be proud of never giving up nor changing according to external factors.

6. Sin In My Heart: I love this song by Siouxsie because the sentence is very intimate, it’s like a free interpretation of right and wrong: all our actions are possibly misunderstood, and vice versa. Sometimes we act a certain way because we have reasons that no one but us can understand.

You can order Further in Evil from Southern Lord. Follow Marthe on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Silvia Polmonari Foto

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