Susie Blue have been added to Glastonbury Festival this year having only played their first ever UK London shows on St. Patrick’s Day weekend this year. One of the dates included Bread & Roses in Clapham who were so impressed by the band, chose them to play their stage at the festival. This is fantastic news for the band who are a young independent band from Ireland.

As well as this they’ve just released their brand new single ‘Be A Lady’ along with the video which premiered last week – watch it below. The track confronts gender stereotypes within society and stands up for anyone who has ever felt rejected by society or judged for being who they are. The video features the band mucking around with a group of carefree children.

Lead singer Susan Donaghy, founder and mastermind behind the band explains the idea behind the video, “I love the innocence kids have and that most of the time they just be who they are without thinking about, I want us to take some lessons from them and that’s what I wanted to show with this video” . She is very passionate about her music and the lyrics she writes so if you are interested in chatting with her then this maybe something we can arrange.

Purchase “Susie Blue” here


Glastonbury Festival 2017

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