Issue 66 Cover Reveal – Scowl

Issue 66 marks the 10th anniversary of New Noise and we’re celebrating that milestone with TWO incredible flexi covers with two bands that have been in the thick of the current hardcore wave: SCOWL and GEL.

We hosted an exclusive roundtable interview between the bands and both cover variants will include an exclusive two-song split flexi with live versions of their upcoming album tracks. Scowl contributes a live version of “Opening Night” and Gel contributes a live version of “Attainable.”

Subscribe now and choose a cover, or start off with one of each here; get both cover variants here, and get the Scowl issue here.

Vocalist Kat Moss says, “The one thing that we’ve focused on a lot with Psychic Dance Routine specifically was both experimenting and really leaning into those aspects, like the song “Four Walls” from How Flowers Grow and then “Seeds”—those were two songs where I feel like we stepped out of the comfort zone, like dipped our toes, whereas on Psychic Dance Routine, we take stuff like that and we’re fully submerged.”

Scowl’s Psychic Dance Routine is out April 7 via Flatspot Records. Pre order it here.

Cover image courtesy of Ashley Melton

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