Issue 68 Cover Reveal: Myrkur

Fans of the etherial and the brutal, we have for you an exciting new cover reveal for our next issue: Myrkur. We talk to the artist about her latest record, Spine, out October 20 via Relapse Records.

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“I don’t know why in my head this work perfectly connects to everything I’ve done,” says Amalie Bruun, aka Mykur, about Spine. “It’s just a different chapter.”

“I was at a sonogram when I was pregnant, and the midwife showed me my baby’s spine,” says Bruun. “Something clicked in me. First of all, this thing, my baby is growing a spine now. He’s just coming into the world, and the fact that I was making that for someone else, this is so alien yet so human, so natural, but it feels totally insane.”

“We recorded it in Iceland,” she adds. “It started to play a role in recording the songs, the sound. That was very nice. It was something fresh for me. It felt like you were on the moon. So vast. Snow and mountains. I wanted the vocals crystal and clear. That influenced the sound too.”

“I’m pro-human and vitalism, beings, creations, and spirituality,” Bruun says. “I am conflicted with the state of the world. I think that we’ve all been feeling it for years.”

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Cover image courtesy of Gobinder Jhitta

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