It’s no secret that Issues have been planning on releasing a new album this year. For the last few months they have been performing a new single live, though up until now they hadn’t released a recorded version of it. Earlier today though, the band not only revealed a music video for that song, which is titled “The Realest,” but they also announced details for their sophomore full-length album. The new album, titled Headspace, is set to hit stores May 20 via Rise Records. The music video for “The Realest” can be seen below.

“The Realest” isn’t like anything the band has released to date. The song is heavily influenced by the bass guitar, which has a funky sound to it. It’s a groovy track overall, and will leave fans aching to know what the rest of the album will sound like.

Physical pre-order bundles for Headspace are available for purchase through MerchNow.


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