News: Jaye Jayle Cries ‘Help!’ In New Cover

Jaye Jayle has been a master of atmosphere since their inception in the mid 2010s. The harrowing simplicity of their music has drawn a smoky veil over the world and that effect only grows as more people get into their music. Through three full lengths, and straggler songs scattered around them, we have seen a sonic blacksmith sharpening their skills ever so carefully.

This cover is a spectacular rendition on a song widely recognized as a classic. It is a flexing of muscles in musicianship, starkness, and artistic interpretation. I have never been a huge The Beatles fan, but this take that aligns the appeal of hopelessness in the lyrics to a much more reflective and dark sound is wonderful.

If this is your first taste of Jaye Jayle’s music, I would highly recommend going through their back catalog and getting familiar, as they are also preparing a new full-length album. You can hear “Help!” below and keep up with Jaye Jayle at all the links following.

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