We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Jeff Caudill’s music video for his song “Reset The Sun” (watch it below). The song is the title track from his most recent EP, which is available for purchase through Bandcamp and iTunes.

Caudill comments on the song:

“This song wraps up the story of the EP. It’s about struggling with forgiveness and moving on, or starting over, and the idea that no matter how far away you go, you can always come back.

I recorded the song live in one take at my home studio. I wanted it to be real and raw. The video was shot in Galveston, TX by Upstart Film. It’s so simple yet so effective. It feels exactly how I wanted it to feel.”

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Not many artists stay relevant to their fan-base over a sustained period of time, but California singer-songwriter Jeff Caudill is one such rarity. Shooting to prominence with pop-punk band, Gameface, in the early 90s, his irrepressible knack for a memorable hook and melody quickly established a dedicated following. He led the band around the globe, gradually shedding youthful exuberance for a string of increasingly mature releases, before finally abandoning the tour van in 2003.

It wasn’t long before Caudill reappeared, acoustic guitar in hand. The new earthier sound was a logical progression from his punk roots. The release of acclaimed debut album, ‘Here’s What You Should Do’, confirmed this was an artist equally comfortable mixing pop, indie and alt-country to create something fresh.  A steady stream of releases followed, including his second full length, Try To Be Here and the aptly titled companion EP, Had To Be There. The trademark pop sensibility burns as bright as ever, and his lyrics connect with his loyal fan-base, confirming him as a man comfortable in his own skin.  Never one to sit still, Caudill teamed up with his longtime friend, Popeye Vogelsang (Farside) for a project called Your Favorite Trainwreck and released a self-titled album in 2012.

After soul searching and maturing, Gameface reunited and released their strongest and most deeply felt batch of material to date, Now is What Matters Now in 2014.  After touring for that album, Caudill returned to write a decidedly Americana 6-song concept EP called Reset The Sun – his first non-autobiographical group of songs. Recorded with a new band, Reset The Sun is an alt-country road record with peaks and valleys and everything in between.

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