Jeff Rosenstock Announces New Album, Releases New Music Video

Just in time for what could easily be our generation’s most nerve-racking election comes WORRY., the ambitious new album from Jeff Rosenstock. Out October 14 though Side One Dummy Records, WORRY. finds Rosenstock stepping outside of his self-deprecating comfort zone and instead examines the uncontrollable, external forces around us that contribute to anxiety and depression. Gentrification, police brutality, over-consumption – these are just some of the themes repeatedly addressed on this 17-track, 35 minute mammoth of an album.

To help fans cope with the impending doom that almost certainly lies ahead is the official WORRY. Survival Kit™. Featuring some but definitely not all the things you need to survive if shit really hits the fan, the WORRY. Survival Kit™ is now available to pre-order.

Conceptualized and directed by Baby Pony Food (members of The Max Levine Ensemble), the video for WORRY.’s first single “Wave Goodnight To Me” takes the political aspects of the song itself – gentrification, being pushed out, exclusivity, etc – and depicts them in a more humorous light, much like the extremely popular and long-running cartoon that it draws its inspiration from.

WORRY. is the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2015’s We Cool?, Jeff Rosenstock’s first-ish solo album after his longstanding DIY collective Bomb The Music Industry played their final shows a year prior. It comes a little over a year after Jeff’s marriage to longtime partner Christine, and was initially meant to be a record about love.

But whereas We Cool? delved into the uncertainties and insecurities of growing older, WORRY. is about the anxiety of what this world is possibly going to look like over the course of the next four years. In Jeff’s own words, “how am I supposed to explain love and happiness without addressing all the shit that tries to crush it?”

Watch the video for “Wave Goodnight To Me” below.

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