Interview with Jesus Piece | By Hutch

Jesus Piece is a Pennsylvania hardcore band who play heavy music—like Xibalba, Harm’s Way heavy. This down-tuned five piece—made up of vocalist Aaron Heard, guitarist Dave Updike, drummer Luis Aponte, bassist Anthony Marinaro, and guitarist John DiStefano—play a mix of heavy hardcore and spastic metal that can slow down and ooze into sludge at any moment. In the end, the music is made for the crowd to dance and let loose. “Hardcore shows are all about having a good time and letting out your aggression,” the band say. “If we can get the crowd to do that, then we’ve done our job.”

Jesus Piece have been hard at work at that job, with many shows under their belt. “Touring is pretty much the number one priority for us,” they explain, adding that they had recently hit the West Coast for the first time alongside Boston band, Buried Dreams. “We were lucky enough to be added to the return of Sound And Fury Fest,” they add. “We figured we’d just make a tour out of it. Then, come mid-August, we’ll be doing our first proper full U.S. tour with a band called Kublai Khan. We’re very excited and very grateful to be playing as many shows as we are. We hope to do that for as long as we can or at least as long as people care about us.”

Lots of people care. Jesus Piece are blowing up. Their self-titled 7” EP for Get This Right Records dropped on May 13, and their sweat-drenched intensity and gnarly, ugly sound have been whipping crowds into frenzies, crowds that contain a wide variation of subculture kids. “We bring out a mixed crowd, more leaning towards hardcore kids, though,” the band say. “All of us are involved in hardcore. We’re a band that isn’t afraid to play with bands outside of our scene, which makes it a lot easier for kids who are either intimidated or unfamiliar with the hardcore scene to come to one of our shows. We don’t want any kids shying away just because we’re a hardcore band. We’ve noticed that our crowd has gotten pretty diverse, which we’re very happy to see.”

It’s that attitude of inclusion that perpetuates Jesus Piece’s popularity and ensures their existence. Their gritty, thunderous brand of metallic hardcore should bring old and young, rookies and vets to the dance floor. Read the lyrics, and you will be able to scream along with a many types of people, all relating to the isolation and disillusionment therein. Or as Jesus Piece put it, the “mental instability, police and media oppression, as well as self-realization.”

Pick up the Summer ’16 promo here.


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