Forming less than a year ago, Pennsylvania’s Jesus Piece debut EP was met with immediate and intense attention. Somewhere between the hardcore aggression of New York bands Merauder and Madball with the metallic crunch of 90’s bands Turmoil and Disembodied, Jesus Piece has crafted a sound all their own. They’ve recently announced their self-titled debut EP, being released through GTR Records.

Vocalist Aaron Heard delves into lyrics ranging from internal self doubt on “Sinking” while finding a strong voice in the song “Oppressor,” pushing back against the sociopolitical barriers that silence those who refuse to accept what has been forced upon them. First press now available on 3 color vinyl variants and limited pre-order cover. Pre-order here.

Jesus Piece Track Listing:
1. Lost Control
2. Sinking
3. Oppressor
4. Cowards Way
5. Conjure Life

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