Thirty-five years after Que Sera Sera, the last proper studio release from Johnny Thunders, came out, it’s getting an expanded, three-disc treatment this fall, complete with bonus tracks and a live album.

The set, Que Sera Sera: Resurrected is scheduled for release September 11 on MVD and will feature a remixed version of the original record with extra tracks, a live version, the original album, and a 36-page booklet written by Thunders’ biographer, Nina Antonia. Along with new notes and interviews, the booklet also includes lyrics and unseen photos from the recording sessions, the cover session, and featured live gigs.

Last year, the Resurrected version was released as a Record Store Day double-vinyl with five bonus live tracks. It took longer than expected, but the CD version was finally expanded to a three-disc box set. The three live gigs on this set were uncovered recently, and they became the live version of the album as a bonus CD.

Que Sera Sera was recorded in 1985 when Thunders went into a London studio to capture some new material on what would ultimately be his final solo album. He brought along Mike Monroe, Patti Palladin, John Perry, Wilko Johnson, Henri-Paul Tortosa, Nasty Suicide, JC Carroll, Stiv Bators, Glen Matlock, and others to help with the record.

Like many things in Thunders tumultuous life, the recording session was anything but easy. He didn’t have the support of major labels interested in financing the record, and he had recently split with his girlfriend and manager. He eventually left the studio with a handful of songs recorded and the job was left to other to patch together an album from what was recorded along with and unused b-side, “Tie Me Up,” and “Blame It On Mom” from an earlier session. The title track was recorded a year-and-a-half later.

Two songs that were left off the original album—Jerry Nolan’s “Countdown Love” and “Talk About You,” a lengthy blues workout that didn’t seem to fit have been added to this new collection. With those two tracks in mind as bonus tracks for a reissue, Pat Collier, former Vibrators’ guitarist, was asked to mix them. Those songs sounded so good that they asked Collier to remix the whole album.    

You can pre-order the three-CD set here.


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