We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Just About Done’s music video for their song “1029” – watch it below. The track is taken from the band’s I Am Getting By EP, which is scheduled to be self-released on October 19, 2018.

The band commented on the song/video:

Pronounced “ten twenty-nine,” this track is about a relationship going through a hard time. Without giving away too much, the lyrics portray a feeling of not even wanting to confront an issue because you are so exhausted by the situation. This song is punchy, fast and instrumentally huge. The accompanying video supports the lyrics in this song, but will not reveal the storyline yet – though it is crucial to the narrative. There are so many elements to this video that even we find new details every time we watch it. Note: in this video, there is a couple. Yet in ‘Strain’ (the first song released off our EP ‘I Am Getting By’) there is not. Why?

Upcoming Shows:
23 September – Melbourne, AU at Wrangler Studios
29 September – Brisbane, AU at Fat Louis

About the band:

With a line-up completed by Jack Farnfield and Daniel Sunday on Guitar, Joe Considineon Bass and Michael March on Drums, you may recognize the quintet’s name from the Blink 182 track. Beginning life as a school band, Just About Done reveal that their ambitions lie in bringing the art back into music, with McGee emphasizing that they want to be part of the community to push along: “Listening to albums from start to finish; attaching music to memories; really being there in that point in time, listening and watching a performance, rather than watching through a screen. We know it’s possible.”

I Am Getting By, produced by Christopher Vernon, with additional engineering by Declan White and Liam Guinane, marks Just About Done’s first foray into a wholly conceptual release, of which the band states: “The tracks are about normal aspects of life, which always come as a shock to those who live it. The lyrics were written about very specific circumstances, but can be interpreted very differently for everyone, which is why we hold these songs very close to our hearts.” Stating that they sound like Violent Soho if you “throw a female singer on top,” they borrow from early Paramore and The Story So Far to deliver atmosphere and attitude, in three hard-hitting pop-punk doses that brim with enthusiasm and potential.

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Top photo by Nat Parham

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