News: Khemmis Streams New Single “Sigil,” Listen To It Here

Khemmis have partnered with Decibel Magazine to stream their new single, “Sigil,” which just happens to be the flexi included with current November issue #205.  Go ahead and listen to it below. We’re easy like that.

Ben Hutcherson states:

“’Sigil’ is a d-beat-driven rager that we wrote and recorded during the Deceiver sessions with Dave Otero. It combines hallmarks of the “Khemmis sound”—harmonized riffs, pounding drums, and soaring vocal melodies punctuated with vicious screams—with a decidedly bleaker, more aggressive approach to our signature style of doomed heavy metal. When Decibel approached us about contributing a new song to their Flexi series, we knew that “Sigil” was the perfect candidate and that it required a powerful visual companion piece. Enter our friend Daniel Warren Johnson (Murder Falcon, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth) whose monochromatic illustration of otherworldly horror perfectly captured the apocalyptic heart of the song.”

Look for Khemmis to release Deceiver, their fourth album, November 19 via Nuclear Blast. Deceiver will be the band’s first record in over three years, aptly described as six doom laden tracks of desolate, soul crushing heaviness.

Preorder Deceiver here

Visit the official Khemmis website here.

Photo by Jason Sinn

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