We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of King Zog’s new music video for their song “Temple’s Temple” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s self-titled album, which is available now through Bandcamp, as well as all major digital distributors.

“People seemed to respond positively to the song Temple’s Temple from the album, so we decided to shoot a video for it. The song is about going into battle in ancient times, and wondering what it must have been like to face up against berserkers or giant Vikings who believed they’d feast in eternity in the hallowed halls of Valhalla. Basically the thought of just shitting yourself seeing these maniacal giants coming at you with axes and massive swords. With that in mind I wanted to superimpose ancient visual depictions of battle over the band while we were miming along to the song, surrounded by a now-compulsory ludicrous wall of amps.” – King Zog

About the band:

Emblazoned with the fiendish red artwork of Dominic Sohor, King Zog’s debut album is an instant doom classic – a volcanic apocalypse of deep, heavy fuzz and colossal Iommic riffs. From the droning discordance of opening rime Lost At Sea, through to the triumphant finale Season In Hell, the album unveils tsunamic waves of hook after hook, captured in all their sonic glory by producer Ken Watt.

Each song along the journey comes with a mammoth chorus, searing itself into the brain… “Hexagram,” “Look Who’s Torkan,” “Temple’s Temple”… hugely, brutally melodic. Bong-friendly tempos abound on “Man-sized Rotisserie,” “Fuck Island” and the punishing “Liz Business” – setting the stage for the third act of “Bitter Wisdom” and “Witchsmoker.” Resplendent in all the essential refinements of lore, iconography and riffery, the album is a most sincere offering to the gods of metal.

Born where the Indian Ocean collides with the parched deserts of Western Australia, King Zog is the dream project of lifelong friends, now writing partners, Daniel Durack (vocals/guitar) and Vince Radice (lead guitar). Finalising their personnel with the incredible rhythm section of Martin Gonzalez (bass) and Rory Keys (drums), together they have fastidiously created a monster – an honorific metal opus of crushingly heavy guitars,
mesmerising beats and powerful, clean vocals.

The release of King Zog’s debut has been met with enthusiasm by fans around the world, opening up opportunities for the band to tour. First and foremost a live band, the road beckons King Zog, who plan to take their music to the devoted – wherever they may be.

Connect with the band:
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