Releases Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” on Vinyl!

Interview with founder Jonathan Dennison | By Michael Pementel

The Halloween season is the perfect time to get wrapped up in a spooky story—and while wrapping yourself up in a good book is just dandy, what about listening to some spoken word vinyl? Cadabra Records releases horror classics as LPs, having adapted numerous titles from the page into chilling tales for listeners to experience.

I think the vinyl experience is like no other,” Cadabra founder Jonathan Dennison shares. “[Vinyl] is something you don’t listen to on the run. Ideally, one listens at a time of peace. We pay great attention to detail on every level to assure the customer is getting the most for their dollar. From the packaging to the audio, our records are designed for the ages. We have a very serious fanbase who are passionate about horror fiction, something that we all grew up with which brings us together. These stories are the root for most of the films we watch to the comics we read. This is ground zero. With this said, I think customers understand Cadabra is something fresh that is happening today and they’re proud to be part of it.

Photo by Chuck Westfall

Just in time for Halloween 2018, Cadabra has released Edgar Allan Poe’s iconic story “The Black Cat.” Italian horror composer Fabio Frizzi—of “Zombi 2” and “The Beyond” fame—scored the LP, with iconic Cadabra reader Anthony D.P. Mann bringing life to the story’s words. When asked what drew him to this particular tale, Dennison says, “Two things. ‘The Black Cat’ is a perfect starting point for the Poe catalog. In 1981, Fabio Frizzi was originally lined up to score Lucio Fulci’s adaption of ‘The Black Cat,’ but things didn’t work out. Our release acts as a tribute to Fulci as well.

This addition of a Poe classic is only the beginning of many exciting new releases to come, Dennison reveals. At this moment, we’re getting winter and spring releases tied up. We [have] some very great releases ahead,” he says. “We’re also launching a new book series called ‘Cadabra Illustrated,’ which will coincide with some of our vinyl releases; these will be finely printed illustrated chapbooks. I’m also proud to say that we have a future collaboration in the works with Fabio Frizzi and H. P. Lovecraft—this will be an epic release!”

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