The Last Gang have had some fits and starts over the years, but with a reinvigorated lineup, some fantastic songs, and a record deal with Fat Wreck Chords, the Orange County band have a whole new focus.

“Around 2009, I felt like the band lost a lot of its momentum,” vocalist and guitarist Brenna Red says. “Though I loved the music we continued to create, we hit a wall. On top of that, my finances were weighing me down personally. Another band who needed a singer had contacted me, and I did both bands for a bit. At a crossroad, I made the decision to hang up the gloves for The Last Gang.”

The band got back together a few years later with Red and longtime drummer Robby Wantland bringing on Sean Viele on bass. They have now put out a 7”, Sing for Your Supper, on Dec. 8 via Fat Wreck, with a full-length to follow in 2018. 

“In 2013, after we reestablished from a hiatus, we made a definite decision to try to gain some serious traction,” Red says, “to give The Last Gang a shot of taking it to the next step and building a national presence.”

Although The Last Gang and folks from their label all ran in the same circles, they never had any direct contact until a friend of the band, Billy Beans Skelly of Kingrock Photo, took it upon himself to email the band’s album to the label. As a result, Fat are now putting out the two-song 7” and a full 10-song LP, Keep Them Counting, a few months later in February. 

“[The song] ‘Sing for Your Supper’ is all about putting your everything into your passion,” Red says, “even if that means failing. Regret is more detrimental than not even trying. We didn’t just test the waters with this album, we jumped all the way in and didn’t look back. This is the only thing we want to do with our lives: recording, touring, creating, inspiring. A healthy fear of failure is sometimes needed to push us past our points of apprehension.” 

The band spent the summer on tour in the U.K., and they are looking to do their first full European tour in April and May of 2018.

“We’re hoping that we can be out there at the same time as our labelmates, The Bombpops, so we can tie some dates together,” Red says. “We’re still working on getting a U.S. tour together as well; we’re just not sure if it will be before or after Europe, but it’s definitely happening. We’ve been asked by our fans to come out to the East Coast for some time, and now, with the new album dropping in February, this would be a perfect chance to bring The Last Gang all across the States.”

Purchase Sing for Your Supper here.


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