We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm’s new music video for their song “A Friend For The Apocalypse” (watch it below). “A Friend For The Apocalypse” enters with a grim attitude, utilize volume swells and a dark piano melody. The vocals lead the way from there, dancing across the melody and bringing to life the song’s meaning.  The bridge exposes the staunch standout section, as the lyrics take over, “I want to fuck in the burning flames, I want to hear you say my name, I want to hold you till I fall apart, I want to feel my beating heart.” It’s a burst of passion from Lauren Hoffman & the Secret Storm.

Lauren Hoffman comments:

“I don’t know, maybe it’s not the end of the world, but these days everything seems upside down, there’s a feeling of impending doom… but at the same time, we are all still living out our individual little stories and as all this is going down, I met someone with whom I feel very much alive, excited about our future, turned on. That juxtaposition is where the song came from.

I wrote ‘A Friend For The Apocalypse’ in November soon after the election. We played it live for the first time on New Year’s Eve and the crowd was so with us, so into it. It felt like something that we all needed. So we decided to make a video and release the song as fast as we could, even though our record Family Ghost had just come out in January. Our friends were really excited to be involved, we basically threw a party and filmed it. And that energy felt like a perfect physical/visual manifestation of the feeling of the song.”

Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm:
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Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm photo by Billy Hunt


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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