We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Lazarus Wilde’ new music video for their song “The Aftermath Pt. 2” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, which is available now through Cardigan Records. You can purchase the album on iTunes.

“The video takes place in the psyche of this guy’s head where he’s struggling with self-conflict. He creates these timelines of events and lays them out on the table to help him better understand where his issues lie. The first initial look at the video the viewer may think it’s just a guy going crazy in a room. However, the room signifies his mental state feeling desolate and conflicted. He’s in limbo but doesn’t realize it yet. Throughout the video he gets further into better understanding the dysfunction of his mental state and just lets it consume him. In the video you can see some of the devices that are causing conflict like the alcohol, the pills and his wedding ring. He is damaged in many ways and is struggling to understand why. At the end of the video it cuts to what has already happened… him overdosing. The EP tells a story from beginning to end. The first song off the record, ‘The Evaluation’, is actually the end scene of ‘The Aftermath Pt. 2’ the only difference is no one has discovered that he has overdosed yet.” Kenny Collette – Lazarus Wilde

About Lazarus Wilde:

Lazarus Wilde was created in early 2015 by Kenny Collette. This project was started to demo and record songs as a creative outlet for Kenny personally, as well as for people he has met throughout his entire life travels. Whether it was through touring, or starting another chapter of his life in another city, people have always been interested in what Kenny had to say.

Kenny being a nomad of sorts has lived everywhere from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, all the way to California & Puerto Rico. He has even lived on a boat for a couple months as well. During these different times in his life, he would write and record raw, passionate demos and give them to whomever he was staying with or recording for.

During the creation and writings of Lazarus Wilde. Kenny has fronted in a couple of bands as well. The bands include: Skeeto, Lady Radiator, The Murder and the Harlot and currently fronting Victory Dance. All of these have shaped Kenny to whom he has come to be. Never regretting any experience, but learning from them.


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