The Lemonheads cover The Eagles’ classic song “Take It Easy” for our flexi series, and is included with New Noise Magazine Issue #44. Subscribe now, or purchase the single issue , to get the physical flexi (New Noise Magazine Issue 44). You can listen to the cover below, as well as read some backstory on the cover.

The New Noise Flexi Series Presents
The Lemonheads
“Take It Easy (SUICIDE MIX)”

On Feb. 8, legendary Boston alt-rock band The Lemonheads will release Varshons 2 via Fire Records.

Varshons 2 is the band’s first LP in 10 years and the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2009 cover album, Varshons.

The record was produced by Matthew Cullen and features 13 brand new covers, including frontman Evan Dando’s take on “Take It Easy” by the Eagles.

Cullen’s grinding electronic remix of the track is presented here, available exclusively through our New Noise Flexi Series.

“I first met Evan in 1996 in London, and our paths crossed a few times over the years,” Cullen recalls. “[The Band’s] Garth Hudson played a little bit, I think it was on a Lemonheads record in the mid 2000s, and I recorded a bunch of that.”

“We just always sort of keep bumping into each other every few years, y’know,” he says of Dando. “He was gonna do this record, and he decided that I was the person to do it, so we, uh, did it.”

After recording The Lemonheads’ cover of the classic “Take It Easy,” Cullen explains, “I’m like, ‘I hate this song. Can I just destroy it, please?’ And [Dando is] like, ‘Yeah, do whatever you want.’ So, this was sort of my trying to make it into some kind of weird German industrial track.”

“I mean, I don’t hate the song, but it’s the Eagles, so I was like, ‘We should just, y’know—can I just destroy it?’” he laughs. “I wanted to make it as claustrophobic and horrible and sort of Berlin-basement as I could, much the antithesis to the sort of sunny, California, really slick, really pro-sounding Eagles. The version on the record goes there a little bit, [but] it was probably the most refined song on the record; there’s a ton of vocals and all this other stuff. So, we’ve already done a kind of frilly, homage-y cover of it, and of all the songs that we had, that was the one that I really just wanted to rip to pieces.”

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