Folk punk icon Lenny Lashley is releasing his new record, All Are Welcome, on February 15 via Pirates Press Records. His latest single and the title track of the record is streaming now:

“I tend to not want to be preachy or standing on a soapbox about my own personal views, but as I was writing that song, recent developments in immigration… it undermines my idea of what we should stand for as a country, basically,” he admits in an interview with Brooklyn Vegan. “That’s where that all came from. The MLK speech was such an enlightening thing for the time. It seemed like a catalyst, a change. I think that’s what we need: More people who are willing to speak out and say, ‘Hey, this isn’t right.’ Unfortunately, everybody isn’t as eloquent as Dr. King was. So with all respect and reverence, we used that soundbite.”


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