ORGAN are from Northern  Italy and they create wide, dark and heavy music, inspired by early ’00 noise/hardcore, contemporary orchestral compositions and obscure-movie soundtracks.

In 2015 Organ self-release their first album “Tetro”, five tracks composed between 2014 and 2015, and basically bound to a more doom-oriented sound. After three years and a limited series of live shows, they release their second album/EP Eterno, composed of three instrumental tracks, focused on a more caustic and darker sound.

This is the live video of “Aidel”, the opening song of the album Eterno. It has been shot by Enrico Uliana during the third edition of Krakatoa Festival, at TPO (BO). This has been the very first show with Alessandro Scriminich at the guitar, who became a full time member of the band after few months. TPO’s main stage is one of the coolest place we played in so far, and Krakatoa is one of the most interesting festival currently sill alive in Italy (somehow filled part of the void left from the Anti MTV Day festival). ” We’ve been very happy to take part to this show”, the band says. “Even if more than half a year has passed since, we are still enthusiastic to release the video our friend Enrico (who also curated the show as sound engineer) shot in that occasion. It represents our live as it is, no shit”.



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