We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of LiveKill’s lyric video for their song “Turned to Grey” (watch it below). The song is the title track from their forthcoming EP, which is scheduled to be released on September 28, 2018 through SWOL Records. You can pre-order the EP here: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play

Lead songwriter and rhythm guitarist John Snell states about the song and EP concept:

While browsing the internet one day, I stumbled upon pictures from the bomb blast in Hiroshima where people were vaporized in a second where they stood. It really moved me to realize that these were real people – who they were, how they lived, and that no one will ever know who they were.

Those images inspired the song, lyrics and overall EP artwork. I was thinking about my own self and how we could just be gone. I wanted to get this message out in our music, about how this is a physical example we can all relate with. That we should always be considering our own humanity and how quickly it can be gone. When you see the artwork, you can see the true story about a three year old boy that lost his life that day.

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October 19 – West Palm Beach, FL at Respectable Street w/ Doyle, Natsuki, The Coven [Tickets]

About the band:

For Turned to Grey, the band brought on Alastair Sims of MOTTO Sound (Rush, Three Days Grace) to mix and master the EP, which took place at Villa Studios in Canada. Further building upon the intensity, passion and professionalism of Turned to Grey, LiveKill sought the creative talents of artist Eliran Kantor, recognized for his work on album covers for Testament, Soulfly, and Sodom. LiveKill and Eliran worked over a period of five months to complete the vision of John Snell to capture the concept of how fleeting life is. The art was inspired by the imagery, stories and grief of people who lost their lives in a flash of light – so quickly that they were “Turned to Grey” while leaving their last moment’s impression.

LiveKill - Turned to Grey

The main inspiration behind the art, title track and Turned to Grey EP concept is the lives lost in Hiroshima and more specifically, the story of Shinichi Tetsutani, a three year old boy who lost his life in the atomic bomb strike there. His father buried Shinichi and his tricycle in the backyard, and 40 years later in 1985, dug up his son along with the tricycle, had him properly buried, and donated the tricycle to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Basing some concepts of the EP on this story was not intended to highlight war itself, but rather that any one of us, in a moment so quick, can be nothing more than an imprint left behind.

LiveKill’s powerhouse line-up consists of Carlos Guerreros on vocals, Sean Young on lead guitar, John Snell on rhythm guitar, Anthony Laurella on live drums, and Gil Giberga on bass.

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Top photo by Alex Morgan

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