We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Living Phantoms’ cover of Peter Gabriel’s song “Solsbury Hill” (watch the video below). The cover song is an exclusive bonus track from Living Phantoms’ album Memory Palace and is only available as a download included with the 12″ LP, which you can purchase here.

Will Benoit of Living Phantoms commented:

This version of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’ is something I’ve wanted to put together for years, so when it came time to work on bonus material for the physical release of ‘Memory Palace’ this song was the first thing that I thought of. Thematically it works really well with the rest of the record, and it was a chance to explore the songwriting of one of my favorite artists.

Peter Gabriel’s music and production is so much larger than life that it can viscerally and emotionally transport you in a way few other artists can. ‘Solsbury Hill’ is about a transitional period in his life so I wanted to explore and hopefully convey what those times of reflection and revisiting impactful moments can feel like.

I knew I wanted to do a really spacey and minimal version of the song that has a sort of weird 80’s ‘world music’ vibe. I tried to leave lots of space for the vocals; printing and remixing and minimizing ideas as I really dug in. I got my good friend Jon Hassell (Seneca, Constants) to record vocals – because we are both huge Peter Gabriel fans and Jon has such an amazing voice. He hasn’t sung in years. His sons watched him sing for the first time in the studio and they were just in awe which was such a beautiful moment, I actually teared up. We also added vocals by Brandie Doyle and Rob Motes (These Wild Plains, Constants, City of Ships) – who both sang on the record – to get closer to that big 80’s group vocal sound.

With an arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers, drum machines and effects, “the one time metal head and Jesu associate serenely slowdives into shoegaze” (Spin) with the debut full length from Living Phantoms. Since the project’s inception 4 years ago, producer Will Benoit has released a series of remixes for artists like Ellie Goulding and Bad Rabbits, and also explored new sonic territory with remixes for underground luminaries such as Caspian and Rosetta.

After a short run cassette release in 2013, Benoit set out to define his sound; a dark, but often uplifting journey through lo-fi grooves and the dense sonic textures that have become his signature. Recorded and mixed using analog gear entirely at his own solar powered The Radar Studio, there is a hypnotic weight and depth to “Memory Palace” that “staggers the ears as well as the heart” (The AV Club).

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