We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Lo!’s music video for their song “Gods of Ruin” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest album Vestigial , which is available now through Pelagic Records. You can purchase the album here.

Vocalist Sam Dillon commented on the song: “‘Gods of Ruin’ is a take on the American phenomena of mass gun ownership and the tragic reality of an armed population triggered constantly by fear and ignorance. We become a flood of bullets now.”

The band commented on the video:

The concept for the clip was conceived by Carl (Whitbread) and Adrian (Shapiro) wanting to find a unique and interesting way to use live footage in one of our music videos. The base footage was shot by a friend of ours, Marmo, in Cluj Napoca, Romania at a show there in October 2017. It’s a single shot and is a great representation of a Lo! live show. All the visual effects were completed by Carl over a painstaking couple of months. All hand tracked with lots of love!

About the band:

Lo!’s third full length album Vestigial is next level. The songs are well-crafted and have a larger scope, the sound is heavy yet organic, there is a great harmonic density behind the stupefyingly heavy riffs and the band sounds tighter than ever before. One of the reasons might be that drummer Adrian Griffin, who had spent the last 7 years in Asia, moved back to Australia. “This time we had much more time to all be together as a band and really work on the songs properly instead of the last minute rush that usually happens. I think we all felt more connected now having Adrian back in the country”, comments guitarist Carl Whitbread.

“Lo! have come to remind you of glorious times, times when Mastodon were using samples of Jurassic Park to kick off their records”, Metal Hammer (UK) wrote about the band’s debut album Look And Behold. And in fact, song titles like “MegaFauna” or “Hall of Extinct Mammals” show that Lo! have always been interested in man’s relationship with the natural world. Themes of extinction, circuses and animal exploitation were explored on the band’s 2015 EP The Tongueless — “…so it was a nice lead in to where we are at now on Vestigial , with a revisit of the outro from the EP as the intro on Album 3,” vocalist Sam Dillon comments.

A world where politics resemble black comedies, where guns have become an aspect of culture and where addiction to technology is the norm is at the lyrical heart of Vestigial . “There are several repeated characters throughout the album; the Judas Steer, the Locust Christ… these are anti heroes, the wolves among sheep figuratively. The ghastly Donald Trumps, The Kim Jong-Uns, the extremists and ignorant tyrants of our modern lives”, comments Dillon.

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