Nueva Inglaterra, the third full-length album from Los Bungalitos, is a defining moment of creative maturity in the band’s fifteen year history. This fourteen track LP offers a biting lyrical commentary on social and political issues of past and present, set to an adventurous soundscape of fast and heavy rhythms delivered with guts, aggression, and fury.

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Nueva Inglaterra is art inspired by revolution, created not only on the blood, sweat, and toil of the artists who wrote and produced these songs, but on that of the countless souls throughout history who have been brutalized by the evils of colonization and the twin myths of capitalism and religion. Vocalist Enrique Vargas Rivera’s deeply reflective lyrics present observations of the dark and ignored side of human history, demand accountability and reparation from historians, fanatics, and world leaders, and peer inward to recognize the deeply ingrained effects of centuries of injustice within ourselves.

This is a collection of songs hard-fought for, and meticulously crafted by five friends with a passion for knowledge, equality, and amazing music. Los Bungalitos’ Nueva Inglaterra is a daydream of a less horrific past, a snapshot of a turbulent present, and a compass for a humane future.

For conceptual information regarding the flag of Nueva Inglaterra, go here.

Tour Dates:
SEP 12 Boston, MA – O’Brien’s Pub
SEP 13 Providence, RI – Alchemy
SEP 14 Chicopee, MA – Maximum Capacity
SEP 15 Buffalo, NY – The Mighty Firm
SEP 18 Hazel Park, MI – Cellarmen’s
SEP 19 Chicago, IL – Liar’s Club
SEP 20 Mansfield, OH – Belcher’s House of Rock
SEP 21 Clifton, NJ – Clash Bar
SEP 22 Brooklyn, NY – The Safari Room at El Cortez
SEP 23 Lowell, MA – UnchArted

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