“‘Burn’ is about the struggles that some people are destined to succumb to. You can’t blame yourself for not being able to save them.” – Lummox

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Lummox’s music video for their song “Burn” (watch it below).

About the band:

Who is Lummox? What lies beneath the cloak? Be it a lone maverick or a crafty collective, Lummox has emerged to capture our hearts. With a sound ranging from active rock to melodic alt-rock, this outfit has come out of the woodwork to move the masses.

Backed by heavily-layered guitars, symphonic synth, and explosive percussion, the cloaked figure delivers soaring, energetic vocals to round out each anthemic track. The music is infused with passion and an urgency to achieve complete sensory domination, all to make us feel like a part of something greater than ourselves.

Although we may never know the face behind the hood, we can safely assume that Lummox has just begun its mission to enthrall and spellbind all who listen. Beneath the cloak lies a mission for larger connection, cunningly aided by its secrecy. After all, a faceless entity just might be someone you already know…

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