New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Horizontal Aggression” by Omnigone. The song is off of the upcoming release, No Faith, out on September 13th via Bad Time Records.

“I’ve noticed a trend in the past few years where people focus on the perceived slights by our like-minded peers rather than actual threats posed by people who want to take our rights away. I’ve heard of this referred to as Horizontal Aggression. We need to hold each other up, stand together, & put our energy toward defeating those who would actually do us harm!” – Adam Davis of Omnigone

Omnigone may be a new name in the East Bay CA ska punk scene, but they’re certainly no strangers to the genre. Twenty years ago Adam Davis joined Link 80, a band that seamlessly combined ska rhythms with aggressive and politically charged hardcore punk, leaving a legacy and a sound that would change the meaning of “ska punk” indefinitely. While Link 80 is no more, Adam (Guitar/Vocals) has picked up the torch and is lighting the way with Omnigone. Joined by Barry Krippene (Link 80/Blast Bandits) and a rotating cast of players including: Brent Friedman (We Are The Union), Steve Borth (Rx Bandits / Link 80), Justin Amans (Kitty Kat Fan Club/Obikubo Station), Jeremy Hunter (Skatune Network/We Are The Union), Bootie Pook (Beat the Red Light), Aaron Carnes (Flat Planet) & Reece Noble, Omnigone recorded thirteen tracks that make up their debut full length No Faith. No Faith hits you quick band doesn’t let up, weaving aggressive anthems across genres to make up a fun, intense, but ultimately dynamic record. Whether you’re a fan of hardcore, punk, or ska there is something for everyone on this promising debut.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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