We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Thieves’ new lyric video for their song “Fade” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming debut full-length No Motive, which is scheduled to be released on November 25th through Revival Recordings.

The band comments on song:

“Going back to your childhood home, school, or hangout can be a strange thing as an adult. I wrote ‘Fade’ to try and capture the weird mix of nostalgia and regret I sometimes experience in those moments, metaphorically burying the person I used to be in hopes that I can be someone better tomorrow.”

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About Thieves:

Born out of Austin TX, Thieves is an aggressive pop punk band made up of four members whos love for energetic music and convictions for a hard work ethic brought them together. Using powerful riffs and atmospheric guitar leads, the Texan natives deliver a uniquely refreshing twist to the pop punk scene. They parallel this with reflective lyrics in hopes that their experiences and stories will encourage listeners to strive for better –an ideology thoroughly embraced by the band’s members.

Formed in 2009, the band played locally under a four-song demo for the first few years to develop their sound. By 2011, they had created enough local buzz to release their first LP, titled Just Give it Up. Well received by their community, it landed them a spot on a national tour supporting the bands With The Punches and Carridale, which was followed by an invite to play “Fun Fun Fun Fest.” Soon after, both fans and critics alike became enthralled by the band’s impressively vigorous stage presence and energetic shows. The band’s live set was even nicknamed “high energy jams”by reviewers. It was during 2012 that Thieves began to make a name for themselves nationally.

Prompted by the local success of their LP,  they released their first EP, titled Achiever. The EP was met with great praise due to it’s musical complexity and instrumental makeup; using thrashy guitar riffs with tempo changes and jazz elements. It’ s success eventually grabbed the attention of the Austin Chronicle who placed them in their “Top Ten Punk Bands.” The Impaler Speaks  followed in suit, stating boldly that Thieves was “on the verge of leading a whole new movement of aggressive pop-punk for the modern era.” Having built their fan base regionally, Thieves generated enough social media noise to be featured in Absolute Punk’s“ 100 Bands You Need To Know in 2012.”

By mid summer, they had promoted themselves hard enough to win Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands competition and played the San Antonio date on Vans Warped Tour.

The band’s self-made success brought about some international recognition at the beginning of 2013. Thieves landed a spot on the Team Pagano Compilation with the likes of bands such as The Wonder Years and Modern Baseball; and in fact had the most plays of any other song featured on the compilation. By the time they released a short split EP with New Jersey pop-punkers Coming Clean, the band had sold out 6 live shows. This kind of success eventually turned heads at the SXSW festival, who in 2014 made Thieves an Official Artist. Come June of that year, the band released their second EP, Colorchange, produced by Beau Burchell. More Than Sound Collective stated in an applauding review, “the band’s heartfelt and crushing sound is a unique entity of its own.” Thieves spent the rest of that year and all of 2015 promoting Colorchange. After playing SXSW a second time, the band was asked by pop–punk legends The Story So Far to open for them on their San Antonio tour date, which only further established the wake that Thieves was making on the scene.

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