With a soulful glee and a smiling shimmer, Mansionair’s symphonic music feels otherworldly at times. Their latest single “Violet City” breathes with a natural sway of warm, tender emotions it’s a glass of relaxation that doesn’t last long enough. This young trio from Australia is making a ton of noise through the airwaves, and with their grand appeal of having a visual aspect to their sound combing with downright beautiful grooves, they will continue to be flooding the airwaves.

New Noise Magazine was able to chat with Mansionair in Lousiville after playing a showcase for The Gathering. This band is beyond incredible at visualizing every detail of their music, and are incredibly gifted at layering their songs till they are absolutely perfect.

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How does it feel to be out here in America?

It’s the first time that we have been over here and have something to show. We’ve had songs that have been played on radio and for a long time we have been an internet band, but now we feel like more of a radio band. People are coming to shows where you are supporting a bigger band and have to convince them every night but now we come over and people are here.

Do you feel any pressure to put your giant production to a live show?

We’ve always written in a studio, we’re not a band that gets together and plugs in our gear. We treat writing music as one descipline and performing it as another. When we play shows we spend more time working on the arrangements of how we bring them to life and what’s important to the songs before ewe ever get into a rehearsal studio. We write it all ourselves so it’s working out to playing live.

How does each layer get added? How do you all decide that this is where the song needs to go.

When we are recording we just throw everything that we possibly have, make a 30 minute version with 200 parts. Then we progressively try to carve out the song and come out with a thing that gets refined. Live it’s the same thing. We all play instruments and we sit down and make sure the drums and vocals live. We look at the rest and go “what is really important, what’s visual and what do we really need to have.”

What can you say about creating new music, are y’all nearing a full album?

A big reason why we are back is we went away and wrote a lot of stuff. It kind of exists right now, we don’t know what it is yet. We don’t know if it’s an album or songs. For us it’s a body of work narrating a part of our life. Some stuff just takes awhile sometimes.

How has the community that has supported you helped you continue to feel inspired?

We found a lot behind closed doors. We made so many mistakes so many times when we felt pressure. The one thing I am very proud of is the team behind us; our managers and our label. Everyone is a family and it is really nice. You don’t feel as much pressure when you feel really open with the people that believe in you. Sometimes we feel pressure but sometimes we just have to go “this is cool.” We used to overthink a lot but now we try to catch ourselves when that happens. It’s an obvious thing when we are writing, and we go “are we overthinking this?”

Your videos are very visual, do you plan that or does it come naturally?

A friend of mine got me onto this. He goes through videos and reddit and cuts the videos together and puts it up in his studio. If he ever has a question about what he is working on he looks at the video and gets a taste for something. I’ve started doing that, and when it came to music videos it made it easy. We would get together with people we really fucking love and showed them our cut of inspiration and they would take it from there.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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