We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Martin Rubashov’s 360° music video for his song “Vantage Point” (watch it below). The track is taken from his forthcoming EP Hunstman, which is scheduled to be released through Despotz Records. You can purchase the single here.

The “Vantage Point” music video was written & directed by Edward John Drake.

Martin Rubashov commented:

The lyrics in the song take place in an abandoned tree house, a place I found when I was younger hiking. I really like the idea of this 360 format and how it’s done. It takes the viewer on a special journey that really needs to be watched several times. The escapism is there and so is the nature as in my music.

About the artist:

Martin Rubashov has previously released two albums on Despotz Records and has proven himself to be a great musician as he plays most of the instruments himself and gathers new instruments on his trips around the world.

Big trees, massive mountains and deep waters are some of the factors that frequently lures Martin into the forest, far from today’s hustle and bustle and the ambition to maintain a flawless surface on social medias. In the forest, the feeling of being a small part of something bigger is so insistent that everything becomes more authentic. While the forest has a physical shape, it also serves as a backdrop for Rubashov’s music.

The journey from Rubashov’s first two albums, The Watcher Of The Skies and Among Silver to the EPs , Antler and Huntsman, has both developed, but also challenged Rubashov’s songwriting. His motivation to move forward in cohesion with the forest, combined with the penchant for Oriental instruments has opened up for a new musical side. The work of both the singing and the dynamics of the songs is more profound in the new material, mainly because Rubashov no longer feels that he has to look for his own sound anymore.

The idea was to write a new album at first, but the invitation to Rubashov’s own forest became stronger in two parts, and the 10 newly written songs were divided into two EPs. The first EP, Antler, was released in the fall of 2017 and Huntsman in the spring of 2018. Huntsman was recorded in an old wooden church in Sweden and gives a haunted, atmospheric vibe to the landscape of sound.

The first single, “Vantage Point” is the opening track on ‘Huntsman’ and gives the listener a different point of view.

Martin Rubashov is currently working on his upcoming EP Huntsman, a sequel to the Antler EP that was released in the fall of 2017. This time a huntsman is on his way to find the antler somewhere deep in the woods. The songs are about facing fears, views from an abandoned tree house, an enormous love, eternal life and a man who takes you to darker places. Rubashov is still within the woods and the songs are a bit darker than the ones on Antler.

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