Melbourne, Australia’s Earth Caller are led by vocalist Josh Collard, a man who has been through a lot, but isn’t done yet. Instead, he and his bandmates—guitarist and vocalist Zac Noble, guitarist Justin Murphy, bassist and vocalist Harley Hadden, and drummer Joel Diver—have a lot to say with their music, and they’re happy to have listeners.

On the process of writing lyrics for their second album, Crystal Death—set for release on Jan. 19 via Entertainment One Music and Lifeblood Inc.—Collard says, “Rather than focusing on the sort of political issues of right now, I was sort of going through my own personal chaos at the time, and I decided to draw from that. The result of that is that the lyrics are a lot more personal.”

Collard is confident in his heavy music’s ability to make a difference in the world, and he’s happy with the response he’s gotten to it. “Ultimately, the mission statement was to write a more mature and polished album than we did the last time around,” he says, “and from the feedback that we’ve received so far, it’s sounding to me like we may have succeeded in that.”

According to Collard, the process of writing for this record began all the way back in early 2015. As he explains, he and his bandmates are always keen on writing music and never really put away their pens, so to speak. Collard says that Crystal Death is, in fact, the first Earth Caller release to incorporate contributions from the band as a whole, rather than just being the product of his own mind.

Although the new album is more emotional and personal than previous releases from the band, there’s still a definite sense of anger with the direction of the world. Collard explains that he wants to use that component of his music to spread awareness. “At first, it can be like a dark thing to sort of come to terms with the duplicitous nature of the world and who we’re led by,” he says. “I’ve found out really that the simple things in life is what will get you through all of that.”

“When I was writing Crystal Death, I realized that the best way to actually change the world is by being the change that you want to see yourself,” he adds.

Collard is excited for Earth Caller’s future and thankful for those who have come along and helped him on this journey. He says that the band have “got a lot planned” for 2018, including dates in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, none of which the band have toured yet.

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