We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Medictation’s new music video for their song “Stalingrad” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s album Warm Places, which is available now through Dead Broke Rekerds and Little Rocket Records (UK). You can purchase it here: Dead Broke Rekerds | Little Rocket Records

The band commented:

“After organising our recent UK Tour and looking back on our East Canadian tour, we all realised Dickie had never played these songs live. We had never expected to go out and play them live, if it hadn’t been for people asking us. We always took his hat on tour with us, so it felt like a part of him was with us, we would leave it on top of my bass amp or on top of Greggs guitar amp. Hugo always feels emotional when he has to sing ‘Stalingrad,’ so we thought let’s release a video for that song, the song Dickie sang on at the end of the UK Tour as a tribute to an amazing guitar player and person. he has and still will influence so many people with what he achieved in his legacy. Here’s to Dickie!”


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