Formed in 1998, the Brazillian black-death metal band Grave Desecrator have spent the past two decades blaspheming deities and battering eardrums with their raw and nasty whirlwind of perdition.

They’ve got three studio albums and many, many EPs and splits to their name and are currently signed to Season of Mist’s French branch. In 2018, they embarked on their 20 Years Of Desecration tour, the road footage of which they have recut for a music video for their song “Temple of Abominations” off of their latest album, Dust to Lust.

On their new video, Grave Desecrator offer the following:

“We are ending a cycle and starting a new chapter in the history of Grave Desecrator. We are finalizing the new compositions, and very soon, we will enter the studio to start the recording process.”

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